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    From the sporting life website.

    Following an investigation by the British Horseracing Authority's Integrity Services team, two owners registered in Ireland have been charged with laying their horse to lose.

    The disciplinary panel will be asked to consider whether or not Declan and Michael Phelan have breached Rule 247 of the old Rules of Racing by placing lay bets against Itsallaracket at Folkestone on December 1 in 2008.

    The date of the inquiry will be confirmed in due course. The entry point for a breach of Rule 247 is six months disqualification, with a range of three months to ten years.

    The horse in question is called itsallaracket.

    There should be a minimum 5 year ban in my opinion and surely now these 2 lads didnt lay there horse in there own account? If so it should be increased to lifetime ban for stupidity!

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    5/4 fav.

    Should be banned for a long time.

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    came out and won its next two races.

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