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    Competition Administrators

    May I just put a word of commendation out for whoever amongst the admin team is settling the markets. I believe each and every race was fully settled within 15-20 minutes of the outcome today!

    So, sir / or sirs, I would like to offer my heart felt appreciation for your efforts today

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    You wouldn't be so pleasant if your vCash balance wasn't so high!

    Also, the Competition Leaderboard (also linked off the site's front page) is automatically updated after each event is settled.

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    Here Here well done boys and Girls

    Suppose this could go for Vegy too, set the pace mate, we all have to play catch up now
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    Well done lads. Very nicely run indeed! No need to congratulate Vegy. He'll fall at the last.

    We have tumbled, as though through error, into a world which by all evidence was not intended for us. We cling to a fragment of a grain of sand until such time as the chill of death shall return us to primal matter. We strut for a tiny moment upon a tiny stage, well knowing that all our aspirations are doomed to ultimate failure and that everything we have achieved will perish with our race leaving the universe as though we had never existed.

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