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Thread: How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

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    How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

    You or some of your friend or family members is an eager casino player? Gambling starts forcing out other joys of life? Well, maybe it is time to check whether the hobby becomes an addiction.

    Gambling can be fun and rewarding in ways. For some players, this is just an option for relaxing and blowing some steam. Others consider it as one of the sources of additional income. When everything remains moderate, there is no need to worry. But as soon as gambling becomes an obsession that affects other aspects of life, serious addiction is just a matter of time.

    I think this is obligatory for people in the gambling industry to share the helpful info on this topic. That is why I did my research, as well.
    What Causes Gambling Addiction?

    The list of reasons why people get addicted to gambling is variable. Sometimes it is just the result of “effective” promotion company, while in other cases, the person might have serious mental issues that stimulate different addictions including gambling one.

    • Inability to show the leadership in other spheres of life;
    • Absence of other sources of satisfaction;
    • Constant disappointments and failures in life;
    • Depressions and low self-esteem;
    • Childhood problems and fears;
    • Problems with getting a decent job;
    • Laziness and desire to get money fast without much effort;
    • Pandemic and lockdown requirements may lead to an obsession to get distracted;
    • Overall availability of gambling opportunities and the illusion of “free money”.

    What Gambling Addiction Causes?

    1. Financial problems.
    2. Family problems.
    3. Social disabilities.
    4. Mental and physical problems.
    5. Criminal path.

    Check Whether You Have a Gambling Addiction

    If even one of these “symptoms” is connected with gambling, this is the right time to reconsider your playing behaviour. The addiction of any kind may be destructive, and it is crucial to audit your gambling habits from time to time.The signs of gambling addiction are:

    • The uncontrollable need to play;
    • Inability to stop even because financial, physical and mental problems resulted by gambling;
    • No self-control and irritability while playing;
    • Problems with sleep and a constant feeling of stress;
    • Health problems resulted by stress;
    • Only gambling can put you in a better mood;
    • The obsession only grows with time;
    • You do not feel satisfaction and joy anymore, only pangs of remorse, but cannot stop anyway;
    • You keep setting back after quitting;
    • You cannot give up the idea of winning, even after countless loses;
    • All your income and savings are used for playing in casinos;
    • You have debts resulted by gambling;
    • You start a criminal activity to earn extra money.

    Fight Your Gambling Addiction

    1. Research the reasons for your addiction and the sources of temptation.
    2. Start treating your addiction addressing to special medical and psychological centres.
    3. Join support groups and communities of people who also fight gambling addiction.
    4. Manage your financial problems with the help of government and charity organisations.
    5. Cut off the sources of gambling temptation and add yourself to the available gambling self-exclusion schemes.

    If you need information about help centres in Ireland, read my full article.

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    Okay, what if I have no financial problem or any? You wrote very useful information, but ... I just love to gamble all the time and enjoy it. But the problem is that I am spending too much time on this. How to deal with this????

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