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Thread: Complete beginner looking for advice on online gambling?

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    Complete beginner looking for advice on online gambling?

    Hi, as stated, I am a total beginner and I would like to try gambling and I'm really cautious. I'm not looking for a big win (though I wouldn't say no), just to hopefully boost my disposable income slightly. I was thinking more about online casino gambling, because I know nothing about sport. If anyone could give me some advice on both types though I'd be really grateful. I don't know any other people I know online gamble and I'm a little nervous as a young woman going into my local casino or betting shops with no knowledge at all. I'd definitely be screwed over. So I'm asking, how does it work, is there any advice you can give me to aim for small, steady wins (like say turning ten into twenty etc), will it work with my pre-paid three money card or do I have to use my BOI debit card (I'd like to avoid anything going through the bank if at all possible) and how outgoing bets and incoming wins work, what sites are relatively safe and guaranteed against user loss if they go down the swanny and anything else I should know. Please help! Thanks.

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    Для успешного онлайн-гемблинга крайне важно выбрать сайт, которому вы можете доверять и который предлагает полный спектр необходимых вам услуг. Я рекомендую прочитать отзывы, прежде чем принять решение о регистрации на сайте - эта информация стоит потраченного времени!

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