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Written by · 13 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log


At the moment I sit on a profit of +23.6, closing in on two weeks of the challenge complete. Two bets I put on since my last post annoyed me a little bit, the rest whether they won or lost I’ve more or less forgotten about.

1) I blew 4 points on Alpha and Omega more or less chasing my losses incurred when the perennial bridesmaid Boughtforasong finished 4th last night in Dundalk. I had been told Alpha and Omega was fancied earlier in the day and had a look and while his claims were obvious (and that still stands) I told myself he just wasn’t worth a bet when he was barely odds against. Between then and the time I backed him he didn’t drift, nor did I receive any new insight into his chances. The only thing that changed really was Boughtforasong’s bet was now settled at a loss and so the appeal of backing Alpha and Omega was enhanced significantly as a way to atone for my earlier error.

I say error and not losses as one massive benefit I have gotten from writing this blog is I don’t really keep track of my bets as money won or lost at the moment. I think of it more in terms of my profit and loss column and how stupid or fantastic I look in the eyes of ,my beloved, quite probably imaginary readers. 

That being said pride cometh before the fall (to misquote the Bible like everyone else) and I’d have to attribute my unwillingness to accept a loss on the day to my decision to back that stupid bastarding horse. No hard feelings :/ Also the horse lost by less than a neck so I could easily have gotten away with it and been blissfully ignorant of my destructive egotism.


2) The last leg of my treble on the NBA last night, naturally the one that left it down.

I can’t believe I actually put a bet on the Sacramento Kings without realising that all three of their recent trade acquisitions were ineligible to play in the flipping match! Man, I do feel like slapping myself for that one but I’m far too handsome to be subjected to self harm.

My main reason for backing the Kings was the fact they had signed Rudy Gay and if I had just done the slightest bit of extra research I’d have known he and the other two guys I must find out more about weren’t going to be playing. In fact it would have even made the Jazz one of the bets of the week given the 4 players the Kings were trading out were also gone from their roster.

It gets worse though, the only reason I knew they had signed Gay was because I saw a post on Facebook captioned ‘Gay-Cousins’ picturing the aforementioned Rudy standing beside Demarcus Cousins. I feel a little bit like the girl from my first year law class (those were the days) who referenced Wikipedia in our first legal assignment. In her defence though she was a fine bird… Ya I shifte the Wikipedia girl. Don’t judge me, you don’t know man, you weren’t there! twice…

Anyway, the main thing is I learned a lesson from this and I saw a great comment underneath that picture of Gay and Cousins. Granted it was stolen off Shaq but it simply read; “The Sacramento Queens.” Good clean fun. I think.

Phil Jones’ winner against Shaktar was a betting highlight this week, but he does make some strange facial expressions.

Pending Bets

5 points Panthers to win Superbowl @ 9/1

3 points ” @ 10/1

Franklin Templeton Shootout – Westwood and Poulter 3 points e/w @ 4/1


This Week’s Bets

Westwood and Poulter 3 pts e/w as above.

Posted this one in my thread on the Let’s Bet Forum earlier today as I presumed the tournament would have started today. This time I don’t mind being wrong due to lack of research as in a mickey mouse tournament really this bet can never be much more than a hunch. Simply, they look the best partnership on paper to me, they seem like the type to do well in a semi-serious format, they have an excellent record in team golf, especially Poulter the Ryder Cup wizard. 4/1 e/w, can’t say no for the interest.

Just look at that focus and chemistry. They’re like Gay Cousins…


Knowshon Moreno anytime TD 4 points @ 4/6

He has played 13 games this season and scored 12 TDs. He has scored in his last three games and ignoring the first three games of the season he has only failed to score once although that was against tonight’s opponents, The Chargers. San Diego’s run defense isn’t bad but home field advantage is now with the Colts and playing Peyton Manning they will have to put a priority on defending the pass. 4/6 is madness whatever happens, I really thought I’d be lucky to get 1/2. Please don’t make me embarrass myself Knowshon.

He cried during the National Anthem for whatever reason and he’s in my fantasy football team. Gotta support my own.

Moreno TD doubled with Portland Trail Blazers @ 8/11 – 2 point double

The number one team in the West, the Trail Blazers host number 5, the Houston Rockets for the second time this season, with the Blazers looking to atone for their 116 – 101 defeat in front of their home fans at the same venue a month later. The Rockets bullied them on the boards that night but are without Omer Asik through suspension tonight. While they still have the daunting task of fighting with Howard and Harden for the night, every little helps as Marty Whelan likes to say when he gets drunk at Tesco voice-over Christmas parties. Being highly statistical, the Blazers are 9-2 at home, the Rockets are 5-4 on the road, Portland will be pissed and looking to atone and their the number one team in their conference so far. Screw it I’ve talked myself into backing them in a single

Portland Trail Blazers – 2 points @ 20/27 vs Houston Rockets (Ladbrokes)

Ya, these guys.


NFL Accum – With PP for Free Bet if one loses Special (2.5 points max)

Broncos @ 2/9 vs Chargers

Colts @ 10/23 vs Texans

Eagles @ 10/23 at Vikings

Chiefs @ 4/9 at Raiders

Panthers @ 1/6 vs Jets

Bears @ 5/6 at Browns

3 point accum.

Basically I think I have backed the better team with more to play for in every game. The Vikings, Browns, Texans and Raiders are done for the season. The Chargers and Jets are on very thin ice but they are playing two of the best teams in the league, in my opinion and they will be on the road. The Browns are a crazy bunch of mother fuckers and could do anything but the 5/6 is waaay too tempting given how the Bears ripped the Cowboys a new one Monday especially with the safety valve of the free bet if only one team loses. Cutler is due to start for this one. That doesn’t affect my rating of either team’s chances to be honest. McCown has been performing to a pretty similar standard give or take.


A Nice Bit of Luck

In related matters I landed a nice touch while writing up my blog on Monday evening. Recovering from the weekend’s exertions I was pretty much confined to the house for the night so I played a 267 player Freezeout on Ladbroke’s Poker and like Tommy Tiernan’s friend Declan Moffat, didn’t I win the fucking thing.

I actually had thought about including poker in an all encompassing gambling blog but thought better of it as it would be riddled with after-timing (like this) and basically become a gambling diary. As bad as I am I’m not that self indulgent yet so I’ll stick to the blog for now. Still it’s nice to get a bit of luck and while I played pretty well throughout I got called when behind a couple times in the final table and got haunted. To the gods of poker; ye’re a great bunch of lads.

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