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Back in college, Kickon and I used to occasionally-ish kill an hour or two in the bookies when we were too lazy to go to class. In our unjustified optimism we used often say it was bad luck to win your first bet. Obviously the reasoning behind this was to attempt some very basic reverse psychology on ourselves. If we won it was a reminder that we should get out ahead, if we lost it was a fake encouragement that we were better off and our next bet would be a beauty. Just to illustrate how many pinches of salt that life lesson should be taken with; when we were in UCC the William Hill on College Road was a thriving business. Now, a couple years later with us mere alumni, it is closed.

With that in mind I’ll sum up the first round of bets.

The Lucky 15 –

I’ll get 1.2 points back for that when I eventually decide to cash in the docket. Don Cossack showed he has the potential to be a very smart horse and Rule the World was a big disappointment (on paper anyway, I didn’t see the race). Jezki really should have been my pick but greed and foolhardiness are tough vices to overcome. The other two picks were just there to make up the numbers to be honest.

NFL Bets –

Brandon Weeden! There’s a lesson in there somewhere but my God even the Browns should have been winning that game at home to the Jags. In fairness the Jags have shown a great attitude going 3-1 in their last 4 after being seen as the whipping boys of the league before that. But…. They are the whipping boys of the league. There’s not much more to say other than this was a tough one to watch and I’d hate to be a Browns fan. Although if I was at least I know I’ve got the awesome Josh Gordon and will have a few nice first round draft picks in what’s being billed as a quarter back draft.

The other losing selection, the Bills were mightily, mightily unlucky. They were robbed blind to be honest. Up 7 with Atlanta needing a TD on their last drive the Falcons were gifted two nothing calls to extend their faltering drive. One of the calls was even an unnecessary roughness call when no contact at all took place between the two players involved. None! Then to make matters worse poor old EJ Manuel got them going on a game winning field goal drive only to have a receiver be tackled and fumble when well inside field goal range sending the game to OT. They took the ball, which is statistically the wrong thing to do in OT, it just is and then to make matters worse, a mirror image pass, throw, catch, fumble. Atlanta make a couple of plays and kick a field goal.

Although that loss cost me a 2.5 point free bet I’m kind of glad that I at least don’t have to deal with the shame of losing my accum due to the Browns. Expletive-ing Browns!!

On the plus side thought The Panthers keep on keeping on. Go Cam!



Right then, by my once imperious maths, I put myself down 8.8 points and I feel like trying to make ever so little of it back.

In horse racing land I like the following; Holywell, Maison De Ville, O Callaghan Strand, Castle Combe and Miss Blakeney.

For the Sherlock Holmessss amongst ye, that means I like A P McCoy and M P Tregoning. What can I say I’m a sucker for a good initial.

My bets will be as follows:

1.50 Holywell 4 points @ 6/4

2.20 Maison De Ville 2 points @ 7/2

2.50 O Callaghan Strand 2 points @ 3/1

4.50 Castle Combe 2 points @ 7/2

.2 point Lucky 15 on the above 4

6.20 Miss Blakeney 1.5 points @ 16/1

I haven’t actually backed these yet so they are the rough prices at the moment but I’ll do a bit of shopping around to see what I can get. I won’t lie about it should any of them win, I’m honest enough and I don’t know if anyone’s reading this so why waste a good lie on myself.


In the Premier League I’m going to have a 3 point treble on the following

Arsenal @ 1/4, Chelsea @ 4/7 and Spurs @ 7/10

Again I just took these off PP and will do a bit of shopping around to see if there’s anything better going.


I’ll leave you with an image of Brandon Weeden kicking the ball out of the end zone for a safety after the botched snap which gifted the momentum to the Jags on Sunday.

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Betfair - €20 Free Bet