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Written by · 27 September 2013 · Category: Soccer

Review of Last Week

Overall I scored 29 points last week, which is respectable, but I’d prefer a lot more. However, one player stood out. I don’t want to brag but I did tell you before the start of the season. Jonobi Mikel is a bargain. You need a top-quality defensive midfielder in your fantasy team and at just 4.4m, Mikel fits the bill like a glove. He scored for Chelsea in their win last week and also helped protect the defence to get a clean sheet. Plus he got a bonus point. Legend!

Bad September

This is the last gameweek in September. Good luck to you if you’re in the running for a manager of the month prize in any of your private leagues. I have to admit that I’ve had a pretty bad September overall. I set myself high standards and I haven’t met them yet. In theory all my decisions have been spot on but they just haven’t worked out in practice. That’s the luck of the game. I always seem to have terrible luck in September every year and I don’t know the reason why. Maybe 9/11?


Team News for the Weekend

With the afternoon press conferences finished, it looks like all teams have confirmed they will start with 11 players on the pitch. I’m glad about this. It just makes things fairer for everyone.


Ben Techie

Unforunately, Techie picked up an injury last weekend just one day after I brought him into my team. I suppose that’s the danger of making transfers before the matches start. I need to be more patient. But at least I know who to transfer in this week in his place.

Germane Defoe scored another two goals in midweek and is literally setting the goal on fire every time he steps on to the pitch. I’m bringing him into my strikeforce at a cost of just 8.1m. Please don’t let me down, Defoe. Or else you’ll become My Foe. (Clever wordplay)


An Extra Transfer

I need a new goalkeeper because Pepe Raina has moved away to the lovely city of Napoli. There’s a new rule in this year’s FPL which I just learned about – it’s called “the 4 point hit”. It allows you to make extra transfers but the catch 22 is that you lose 4 points from your old player’s score.

But I figured out something very sneaky. If your old player, in this case Pepe Raina, hasn’t got any points, then how can you lose the 4 points? Haha, the crafty FPL Helper strikes again!

So, Raina out, Stekelenburg in. Have you looked at Fulham’s upcoming fixtures? I’m expecting nothing less than four clean sheets in a row for the big Dane from Holland. Here’s how my team looks for gameweek 6.

FPL Helper - GW6 Team

Other Tips

— As I said, Fulham have wonderful fixtures so load up on their players. I recommend their bargain 5.0m midfielder, Stan Sitwell.

— Only pick players from teams that have something to play for. Swansea are safe in mid-table, so get rid of Michu if you have him.


If you have any questions, leave a comment on my blog or tweet me @FPLhelper.

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