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Gameweek 2 is the second gameweek of the season and it follows gameweek 1, as it does almost every year.


I was hoping for over 100 points. I scored 16. What can I say? That’s just bad luck. Everyone gets unlucky at some point in the FPL season. It just so happened that all my bad luck hit me in the first week. For example, Gareth Bale was apparently checking out holiday homes in some European capital city and missed his flight back to London in time to play. Mikel was in my team as a defensive midfielder but he took it too far and kept defending the subs bench. Captain Milner was rested by his manager to keep him for bigger matches ahead. There’s no way I could have foreseen any of that.

FPL Helper - GW1 Score

Could’ve been better. Could’ve been worse. I’ll take it.

However, there was still some good to take out of the week. Yan Vertonghen scored a super 8 points. What did I tell you in last week’s article? I wasn’t waffling about the Belgians. They’re ace!

Wayne Rooney also scored 8 points and check out this great stat attack:

Rooney: 8 points in 28 minutes, which equals 0.29 ppm (points per minute)

Persie: 12 points in 86 minutes, which equals 0.14 points per minute (ppm)

Rooney over twice as good as Persie. No doubt here that Rooney is the value. Yet again the FPL Helper was bang on the money!

My bench all scored 0 and I’m happy with that. The worst thing in this game is when you have a player stuck on the bench with 12pts. It can be very psychologically damaging to you when that happens. In fact, I take the psychology of the game so seriously that I went to see a professional psychic this week. She told me that I was going to come into some money soon and that my grandmother was looking down on me and she loved me. The money must surely be the winnings for the Clonakilty Langers league that I expect to win next May. As for my grandmother, well, both my Nangies are still alive so I don’t know what the psychic meant. Maybe my Nangies were on the roof looking down at me? Sometimes they forget who are they are and go wandering off to strange places.

Even though I wasn’t completely satisfied with my team’s performance, I’m top of my private league and that’s the most important thing. I think my two mates must be idiots. I can’t wait to see their teams at the end of the season.



I’ve noticed that other FPL websites pick out a brand new 15-player squad every Friday evening. That’s just not realistic. In this game, you get one free transfer each week. ONE! I’m all about realism here at the FPL Helper Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan NYC. It would be nice if there was some facility to completely overhaul your team and make lots of transfers in a single gameweek but there’s no such thing. So, here’s my single transfer for gameweek 2:

Adebayor (8.0m) out. Ricky Wilfswonkel (7.0m) in.

Has anyone heard from Emanwell Adebayor recently? Is he missing? I think he has gone AWALL and I won’t stand for that in my team. I’ve decided to bring in Ricky Willywankle in his place. Ricky scored last week and by the law of averages he might score again this week or he might not. He is playing against a team called the Hull City Tigers, so it will be the Wolf against the Tigers. There can only be one winner there: tabloid headline writers.

This transfer also leaves me with 1.0m in the bank. I don’t usually like leaving money in the bank because I’ve heard bad things about bankers stealing the money of ordinary people but I’m prepared to take the risk this week. Having 1.0m to spare also allows me to do something called “planning ahead”. This means that instead of thinking of just gameweek 2, I also think ahead to gameweek 3 and what transfer I might do then. I know it sounds complicated but give it a try.



Raina got zero points last week, so I’m putting Lindguards in goal instead. It was also a poor show by Craig Gardener last week. He must have spent too much time tending to his garden. Yan Vertonghen comes in for him and hopefully will pick up another 8 points.

One thing I don’t want to change is the captaincy. He’s not nicknamed Captain Milner for nothing.

FPL Helper - GW2 Team


— Initially, I was going to transfer in Nicolas Anelka but then I heard on the radio that he was granted leave “on passionate grounds”. I think that means he’s having a dirty weekend away with the wife. Good for him!

— West Brom have signed Trevor Sinclair from Manchester City. He must be quite old now but at a price of 6.0m, he might be worth a risk if you need a midfielder. Remember his overhead kick?

— The team that surprised me the most last week was Aston Villa, mainly because I had thought they were relegated last year. But apparently they’re still in the Premier League and they have a new striker called Ben Techie. He scored a hattrick and is one to put on your watchlist.

If you have any questions, leave a comment on my blog or tweet me @FPLhelper.

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