About Larryk

Hi all, my name is Laurence and I'm a 23 year old 'student' I've done the whole law in college thing and the masters and now I'm basically back in 6th year deciding what I want to do and still have at least three years ahead of me before I do anything, be it legal or not. I'm a big sports fan from horse racing to basketball and most things in between, bar cricket. I guess out of boredom I like to look for places where bookies have things priced up differently than the odds I myself would put them at. This is a risky proposition in horse racing more than any other field in my opinion so excusing any strong hunches I have I will steer clear of the ponies and bet on the human sports for the next while. Bonne chance.

Written by · 01 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

Alright guys, out of sheer boredom I’ve decided to do another blog, but this time a lot less of the focus is going to be on finding winners and previewing them, I think. I doubt very much I will be making myself or anyone else rich with my picks, but as long as I’m putting [read more]

Written by · 28 April 2013 · Category: Horse Racing

Day 5 Recap Another bad, bad day and the first taste of defeat overall in my short blogging career. I’m confident I’ve learned a couple of things from it at least so not a complete waste and I intend sticking with the blogs but hopefully I won’t be as busy with work, aptitude tests, internship [read more]