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Hi all, my name is Laurence and I'm a 23 year old 'student' I've done the whole law in college thing and the masters and now I'm basically back in 6th year deciding what I want to do and still have at least three years ahead of me before I do anything, be it legal or not. I'm a big sports fan from horse racing to basketball and most things in between, bar cricket. I guess out of boredom I like to look for places where bookies have things priced up differently than the odds I myself would put them at. This is a risky proposition in horse racing more than any other field in my opinion so excusing any strong hunches I have I will steer clear of the ponies and bet on the human sports for the next while. Bonne chance.

Written by · 16 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

Bye Bye Profits Having reached a high of +34.46 after Monbeg Dude won and Any Currency came second on Friday I decided to implode over the next few days and turned my bank from a healthy profit to a loss of -22.88 as I write on Monday evening. I really couldn’t be bothered analysing individual [read more]

Written by · 13 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

Recap At the moment I sit on a profit of +23.6, closing in on two weeks of the challenge complete. Two bets I put on since my last post annoyed me a little bit, the rest whether they won or lost I’ve more or less forgotten about. 1) I blew 4 points on Alpha and [read more]

Written by · 09 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

As Forrest Gump once said, ‘Life is like a packet of Rowntree’s Randoms, you never know whether you’ll get an ice cream cone or a football boot or a van.” My blog has kind of being flittering along like that so far, playing percentages and value more than┬ásafe bets and so far I have been [read more]

Written by · 06 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

Right then, I suppose it’s only fair to start with the negatives. Every single horse I put up in yesterday’s post lost. In fairness two finished second and Holywell’s jumping cost him big time and is probably one to keep an eye one, but that’s just sugar coating the issue. At the end of the [read more]

Written by · 04 December 2013 · Category: Betting Log

Back in college, Kickon and I used to occasionally-ish kill an hour or two in the bookies when we were too lazy to go to class. In our unjustified optimism we used often say it was bad luck to win your first bet. Obviously the reasoning behind this was to attempt some very basic reverse [read more]