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I am the FPL Helper and I want to help you win the FPL. That means the Fantasy Premier League. I am an expert at Fantasy FPL and if you follow my advice then you can be an expert too. For personal advice, comment on my blog or tweet me @FPLhelper.

Written by · 10 January 2014 · Category: Soccer

Sorry that I haven’t written an article in so long but I have a very good excuse. I hope you guys managed okay without my advice, although I doubt it. In November, my best friend Jacko had a stag party. Let’s just say that things happened that night and I’ve been in hospital ever since. [read more]

Written by · 01 November 2013 · Category: Soccer

How are you doing so far this season in FPL? Me, 144,000. That’s how many people I’m beating. Not too bad, I’m sure you’ll agree. A new rule in the game this year is the “wild car”, where you can make as many transfers as your want. I think it’s called a wild car because [read more]

Written by · 27 September 2013 · Category: Soccer

Review of Last Week Overall I scored 29 points last week, which is respectable, but I’d prefer a lot more. However, one player stood out. I don’t want to brag but I did tell you before the start of the season. Jonobi Mikel is a bargain. You need a top-quality defensive midfielder in your fantasy [read more]

Written by · 20 September 2013 · Category: Soccer

Sorry for not writing an article last week. I was so excited to be back from the international break that I ate way too many packets of Skittles, started bouncing off the walls and then fell asleep for five days. When I awoke, I was excited to see that my team scored 32 points, my [read more]

Written by · 23 August 2013 · Category: Soccer

Gameweek 2 is the second gameweek of the season and it follows gameweek 1, as it does almost every year. GW1 ROUNDUP I was hoping for over 100 points. I scored 16. What can I say? That’s just bad luck. Everyone gets unlucky at some point in the FPL season. It just so happened that [read more]