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Larryk (38 Posts)

Hi all, my name is Laurence and I'm a 23 year old 'student' I've done the whole law in college thing and the masters and now I'm basically back in 6th year deciding what I want to do and still have at least three years ahead of me before I do anything, be it legal or not. I'm a big sports fan from horse racing to basketball and most things in between, bar cricket. I guess out of boredom I like to look for places where bookies have things priced up differently than the odds I myself would put them at. This is a risky proposition in horse racing more than any other field in my opinion so excusing any strong hunches I have I will steer clear of the ponies and bet on the human sports for the next while. Bonne chance.


Marc (32 Posts)

Actively seeking work, preferably within the horse racing industry, marketing all that is great about the sport. I like to have a bet and occasionally have a winner or two. Feedback on blog posts is appreciated!

Nulty (8 Posts)


Kid (7 Posts)

Not really much to me. Student at the minute and try not to miss any sporting events of any importance. Life cannot be any more simple than that. Won't always be like that so going to make the most of it while I can. Hopefully we can find a few winners during the course of the summer because let's face it, if we can't it's going to be a pretty poor enough summer.

FPL Helper

FPL Helper (6 Posts)

I am the FPL Helper and I want to help you win the FPL. That means the Fantasy Premier League. I am an expert at Fantasy FPL and if you follow my advice then you can be an expert too. For personal advice, comment on my blog or tweet me @FPLhelper.


Abuchoman (4 Posts)

My name is Will and ive been a member here for a couple of years now, my two favourite sports are Football (Liverpool) and MMA, I suck at betting on football, I find it impossible to win but on the UFC I do okay. Most weekends they have an event on and I am going to try and pick some winners for you guys. Now my writing/grammar is not the best but I sure it will be good enough to understand.


Ecstacy (3 Posts)

Hi. My name is Anthony O'Grady. Always had an interest in betting. My first memory was my father giving me a fiver to back West Tip to win the Grand National in 1986. He duly obliged and I have been hooked ever since for my sins. I always had a passion for cycling ever since my first memory of Stephen Roche winning the 1987 Tour De France. Rugby would be my other passion and I am an avid fan of Munster.


Flyingbolt (3 Posts)

Lover of gambling and sports, particularly horse racing, football, tennis, basketball and American football. Administrator of the Let's Bet Blog and Forum.

Liam (2 Posts)

Director of