Written by · 23 August 2013 · Category: Soccer

Gameweek 2 is the second gameweek of the season and it follows gameweek 1, as it does almost every year. GW1 ROUNDUP I was hoping for over 100 points. I scored 16. What can I say? That’s just bad luck. Everyone gets unlucky at some point in the FPL season. It just so happened that [read more]

Written by · 15 August 2013 · Category: Soccer

Hello. I’m the FPL Helper and I’m here to help you with FPL. WHAT IS FPL? FPL is the Fantasy Premier League. It’s like the Premier League only it’s not real. It’s a game you play on the internet. You can enter and set up a team for free on this site: fantasy.premierleague.com. Then you [read more]