Written by · 29 April 2013 · Category: MMA

Taking a look back at the last bets, we didn’t go to badly. We actually got both unlucky and lucky. Rustam Khabilov vs. Yancy Medeiros This fight was going to plan, it was a back and forth fight until Yancy Medeiros broke his thumb. this was unlucky because it happened in the first round and [read more]

Written by · 28 April 2013 · Category: Horse Racing

Day 5 Recap Another bad, bad day and the first taste of defeat overall in my short blogging career. I’m confident I’ve learned a couple of things from it at least so not a complete waste and I intend sticking with the blogs but hopefully I won’t be as busy with work, aptitude tests, internship [read more]

Written by · 27 April 2013 · Category: MMA

My name is Will and I’ve been a member here at Let’s Bet for a couple of years now. My two favourite sports are football (Liverpool) and MMA. I suck at betting on football. I find it impossible to win but on the UFC I do quite well. Most weekends there is an event on [read more]