Written by · 28 November 2012 · Category: Betting Log

With only two days and a handful of hours left in November, I (somehow) commence writing this entry with my bank at the highest it has been so far (+64.1) after Daffydowndilly won at what seemed a silly price to me and thankfully I was right. Dogs, days and all that. I don’t think I’ll [read more]

Written by · 19 November 2012 · Category: Betting Log

Bet 30, Rakticate, was perhaps a little lucky to finish second today but despite the winner running across him there is no¬†guarantee he would have won really and I’m happy enough to add another 1 point profit to the bank bringing me to +49.   Bet 31 – Memphis Grizzlies (-7) 2 pts @ 10/11 [read more]

Written by · 18 November 2012 · Category: Betting Log

I left the blog yesterday on +24.4 with 3 bets pending. Hunt Ball disappointed and to be honest I was disappointed with myself over my basketball bets, as although the bet was close to coming off, it was one I rushed and didn’t look into nearly as much as I normally do and so I [read more]